Friday, 20 March 2009

Working Girl

Well I now have a job. I am working in the city as a 'receptionist'. Though I think the job is more PA and Events Coordinator with a little reception thrown in. Currently it is just temporary for 4 weeks, with the potential for it to be permanent.

It is going to be an interesting few weeks, as I am getting my tonsils out in about 2 weeks and got a all weekend wedding in about 4 weeks. So there is a least 3 days off I am going to need.

Having to organize my week though really well. Washing clothes, cleaning house, making food, preserving food an generally keeping my SH* happy as well as staying awake at work.

It's an interesting job, in the dynamic of the place, the work itself has the potential to be boring. I meet the boss yesterday, he thought I was a client or something an I had to explain I was working there now. It is a bigger office then my previous job, an the dress code is higher. There are 2 other girls at the office at my 'level', but there seems to be a relitivly relaxed enviroment for people that are working from 7 in the morning an still there when I left at 5:30. An it isn't just one or two, it's everyone, there isn't like a mass exodus at 5:00, an no one headed for the beer fridge at 5:00 Friday either, (I don't think I have seen that much beer in my life).

Any way we'll see what happens. It's work, an will bring me about 3000 dollars by the end of the four weeks, an that is provided I don't work overtime wich is far to easy to do in that enviroment.



looks cool! dunno what base you used but I have to reckomend the pizza base recipe on the cook and the chef abc page - it is fantastic, but this is prob a redundant statement as your base looked good, oh well ... my comment then is "hi"

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