Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bottling Dilemma

Well a dilemma has been struck. I went an sterilised my new jars in my new pot, an I can't get them out again.

I've given up after a couple of hot water splashes, impatiently having to wait for the water to cool down. This means I can't do all the bottling I was planning to on Sunday until I get something to pull them out with.

It is so distressing.

I've run out of flour so I can't make more bread or pizza an now I can't get my jars out. I'd go ahead impatiently except I am not sure wither the processing will be hampered if I let them sit in the pot till they cool.

On Sunday I will be so anxious to do all my bottling. I was planing on pasta sauce, pie apples, nectarines and peaches. Was also hoping to bottle more pineapple as it was so yummy last time.

After some reading I was also hoping to bottle some of the juice SH* likes to make with the juicer. Can't bottle the carrot juice, but we've made a mean citrus combo that would be great. Though I think I'd like some bottles (For the ethsetics) to do that with so perhaps that might wait a while.

Must endevour to buy the product to bottle on Sunday an organize a jar lifter.



Use tongs to remove the jars..? :)


ordering one today.Was a problem with the only internet store that looked reputable.


try a regular store.
shopping is easier than you think.

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