Saturday, 14 March 2009

Jummy Juicing

Sh* an I made juice today with produce we bought at the markets this morning. We put in 6 ruby red grapefruit's (8 for $2), I lost count of the apples but was a mixture of red and green. 4 lemons an 4 limes ($1 for 4) in our juicer an made about 4 litres of juice.

We often make juice on a Sunday morning. not usually this much though. Normally just a 2 litre bottle. An SH* likes carrot juice on a semi regular, when he remembers occourance. Personally I can't stand carrot juice. So SH* made himself some carrot juice also. After we made the citrus apple juice, that way he also gets citrus dregs in the carrot juice too (an I don't have to tast any carrot dregs).

I it is a lot of fun. A lot of work too (just ask SH* he's washing up an throwing out the rubbish whilst I post.) Oh well off to the next task... clean up, then pizza dough.


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