Thursday, 13 December 2007

La principessa e il pisello

What do you get if you combine:
  • a canvas camp stretcher
  • a self inflatable mat
  • a fitted satin sheet
  • unzipped sleeping bag
  • 2 furs
  • and a couple of pillows
You have a bed far more comfortable then my mattress. Yes to some degree my sleeping arrangements standards have lowered even further as I am now sleeping on camp furniture. But at last I am getting a very comfortable nights sleep. Yes now it would be far to awkward to have two people on my bed, and it is now a lot further to fall should one roll off the bed. But now I am not waking up with a sore back. I am not waking thinking I am more tired then when I first closed my eyes. My room is still very makeshift, I still have not unpacked any of the boxes, not even to find objects I have been requested to find. They are making my room look like a serious mess. Neither have I painted out the cupboard or arranged to get it fitted out properly. I can't even get at the other cupboard; not that that is a lose, it is only being used as storage, despite my other plans for it. I am much more comfy though so I am happies.

On a gross note; I have been off iron pills for 3 days now and already my incessant sneezing is back and there is blood in the snot. This can't be a good thing right? What does iron have to do with my nose?

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