Sunday, 9 December 2007

E non è tutto per lei!

Over the last few days a discussion came up where I once again got myself in trouble. I have come to the conclusion that divorce turns people into selfish individuals. The issue came up with one member of my family lamenting the total ruin of our Christmas tradition. Once upon a time the whole extended family got together (being a small group we fitted in one house) and spent Christmas day together. From early morning where we sometimes shared breakfast together to late in the evening. It was family time where we got together and just was. The first divorce in the family put a almost insignificant rupture. Then due to the ability of the matriarch to be racist and a disproved wedding things got strained. Then my uncle divorced his wife and has now re-married. So you see the small mess my family is in. With the matriarch now moved on to greener pastures the strain is gone and now members of the family are known to lament the ruin of their Christmas.

Now I can fully understand that the years that Christmas would be at the home of the member of the divorce's them not wishing to have their opposing party in their home (especially if they are remarried (and breeding again)). I do not understand however why they can not bury the hatchet for the occasional day a year when they are invited to someone else's home. For example, why must I have a minimum of 2/3 Christmas's in small dribs and drabs when it is my year to have Christmas? Why can't I have my mother and my father, My Aunt, My Uncle and his interloper plus all my cousins over at the same time for my Christmas party? It isn't about them, it is about me that year and it is my home and they are all my family. My mother has told me that if I had a small gathering at my home (ie just family) and my father was coming, she would not come, neither would my sister come I would imagine.

I realise that divorce creates a lot of hurt and pain, and pain, but in the end particularly if you have breed prior to that their are times I think they should realise that they are burying the hatchet to show someone they are loved. Why when it is my event should I have to jump to hoops to make them happy it is my event, it is about me. What about weddings and funerals, baptism's and the like? am I to hold to of every event just so that they don't have to be in the same room?

Anyway if your going to be so selfish bout it and not do anything about getting back the events you enjoyed. Stop lamenting about it and wishing everything has happened; It's happened it isn't going to change; you can either fix it or shut up.

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