Monday, 10 December 2007

È comune cortesia, non è vero?

I am beginning to think I live my life with my head in a bucket. Often I go with friends to see movies that i am not keen on going to see (did I say often perhaps I should say regularly). With my manner of trying everything at least once (there are limits) I will go along and see sometimes this is good giving me a taste of movies I've liked that I would not normally have chosen but I did enjoy. Over the past month 2 movies have come up that I have wanted to see that my movie companion will not see.

The first the beautiful One night with the king. - this was not at our regular cinema and was 15 minutes further away so this was to difficult and complicated

The most recent request was for death at a funeral - this looks silly.

So far the only movie I have refused to see point blank is Rogue the suggestion made to be seen instead of death at a funeral. A fact that I have been saying I won't go see it for weeks I think should of course be ignored. Yes I am a pansy, nothing wrong with a huge scary man eating crocodile movie. It's like Jurassic Park, just without extinct animals. I already have an incredibly stupid high regard for sharks, I don't want to put crocodiles in that list too.

Is it just my view that there should be give and take with friends. That they should be able to say ok, we'll go to that movie that you choose; without me jumping up and down saying you chose this this this and this that I wasn't looking forward to seeing. Sci fi movies, fantasy movies are almost not an option (with the occasional exclusion) Looks like british comedy is out too. I'll get stuck watching romances and chick flicks... prehaps my movie friend should go to the movies with my sister instead.

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